Pink Chalcedony

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Making Your Jewelry Work for Your Life

The Generosity Stone with Fortifying Energy

With a blushing charm, pink chalcedony softens any look, but the power of this gemstone can have profound-reaching impact on its wearer.

pink chalcedonyDelicate in color, pink chalcedony’s gentle look is deceiving, as this stone has far-reaching depth. It is said to exude a highly positive, nurturing energy for the body, enough so to see the wearer through difficult times of anguish and mental torment.

MCL Design has a whole range of jewelry options in pink chalcedony, which can be worn to help foster feelings of empathy and compassion. If your aim is to drive out negativity and thoughtlessness, pink chalcedony is definitely worth shopping for! This effect can lead to better interpersonal relations and the ability to understand others’ points of views, when they elude you.raw pink chalcedony

Gaining an understanding of others’ feelings and empathizing better, through the energy of pink chalcedony, can also allow you to enhance mutual affection in loving relationships, leading to a strengthening of your bonds.

pink chalcedony ringHaving a fortifying impact, the healing energy of the pink chalcedony is believed to positively touch the immune and lymphatic systems, while stimulating energy levels and stamina, among other nurturing effects.

Associated with the heart chakra, pink chalcedony is thought to influence emotional stability and instill a sense of calm. Shake off negativity, wearing this gemstone, and restore balance, even in emotionally charged chalcedony necklace

In times of major change or upheaval, pink chalcedony has your back. If you are undertaking a new job, stepping up for a promotion, moving house, getting married or expecting a baby, spiritual healers advise wearing pink chalcedony to help maintain or stimulate enthusiasm for such new developments. The right attitude can see you through anything!

Known as the generosity stone, pink chalcedony represents happiness, optimism and receptivity. It is also indicative of self-love. Find joy and a way forward, even in dark times, as you open up to the benefits of this gemstone, and it provides you with the boost in self-confidence you seek.

pink chalcedony earringsWith added confidence in your own abilities, you can also improve work performance, with the aid of pink chalcedony. Find an improvement in communication with others, and note that you may be better able to remain calmer, throughout stressful situations.

When overcoming traumas from the past, the supportive nurturing vibes given off by pink chalcedony can help to heal you, and bring you the strength to grow and make progress.

In expectant mothers, pink chalcedony is said to foster maternal instincts, thus strengthening bonds with baby. Not everyone instinctively feels these sentiments right away, and a nudge in the right direction can put you at ease. Further down the line, while raising a child, the power of this stone is believed to nurture growth, with positivity and chalcedony bracelet

The chalcedony stone is not only available in pink. Check out our next MCL Design blog piece, to read all about the hidden qualities of the green chalcedony gemstone.