Brooches Are Back, Baby!

/ Post by Matthew Campbell Laurenza

Whether you call them brooches or pins, for men, women or other, these beautiful, bizarre or blatant expressions of individuality are well and truly back!

MCL Design dragonfly pin brooch

MCL Design, since inception, has always had a lingering soft spot for the oft misunderstood brooch! Worn adorning an item of clothing or an accessory, the brooch, aka pin, which some might feel is a more gender-neutral term, can serve as the ultimate expression of individuality, upon generic trends and closet basics, yet also flex on an haute-couture gown, or surrounded by other sparkling gems.

MCL Design Blackberry Pin

The fashion industry is currently reviving its love affair with this staple statement piece, delving into historical archives, and creating new and exciting shapes and forms, across all echelons, from outrageous and enviable precious-gem-encrusted aspirational artworks, which make the average person’s credit card weep, to the more wallet-friendly attainable luxurious jeweled brooches and pins.

For a little brooch inspiration, check out these designer pins:

MCL Design Mushroom Pins

Whatever your personality or preference, it’s time to dust off those heirloom pieces or shop for eye-catching new treasures and pin your pleasure piece to your lapel, pocket, chest, scarf, bag, belt or hat, and announce your nuance to the world!

MCL Design Thistle Pin Brooch

MCL Design handcrafts both small batches and customized jeweled pieces, in many styles and sizes, set with precious and semi-precious gemstones, and colored enamels.

MCL Design Among the Dewdrops Pin Brooch

Don’t miss out on this overdue resurgence, and order MCL Design’s wearable art in the form of jeweled pins and brooches… Shop now.