Green Chalcedony

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Making Your Jewelry Work for Your Life

The Insightful Stone with Healing Energy

Making a visual statement is not the only reason to choose green chalcedony for your jewelry. This gem can contribute to changes in your emotional and physical wellbeing…

green chalcedonyIf you believe in the power and energy held within natural stones, then green chalcedony is certainly not to be overlooked. Not merely an attractive addition to your jewelry box, try using this stone to improve your life, in myriad ways.

The green chalcedony stone is believed to inspire strength, courage and insight. Get set to face your challenges head on! Wearing this gemstone, you will see the bigger picture of consequences and outcomes, to help you navigate the way forward.raw chalcedony

Overcoming adversity is thought to be easier with green chalcedony, as it helps eliminate unwanted feelings – particularly sadness and self-doubt, which are often unproductive and leave you stuck. With enhanced self-confidence, life will feel more balanced.

green chalcedony braceletAs a nurturing stone, green chalcedony also heightens emotions associated with goodwill and fraternity. In groups, you will experience more efficient means of communication, which will ensure a better chance of stability for collective wellbeing and harmony.

In one-on-one relationships, green chalcedony is said to help determine the feelings of others towards you, allowing you to create honest dialogue and real connections.

In the same vein, green chalcedony is known to help bring clarity of ideas in business. See the overall true value of ideas floating around, which will advance your goals, or your career, in chalcedony earrings

To promote healing in matters of the heart, use the energy of the green chalcedony. While boosting mental fortitude, you will also be able to begin discovering your true, unique identity, and embracing it. Uncover latent talents within you, through the insightful, nurturing power of this green gem. Green chalcedony allows your sense of originality to shine more brightly.

Furthermore, protect your heart from those who would wish to do you wrong, while wearing this stone in your jewelry choice. Green chalcedony energy can help reveal the truth behind intentions and situations, to ward off evil.

green chalcedony necklaceGreen chalcedony is used by healers as a cleansing stone, in matters of health. They believe this stone can assist in purging the body of certain illnesses, as well as lessen effects in the onset of senility and dementia.

Absorbing negative energy and channeling it away from the wearer, green chalcedony is also worn to contribute to dissipating tension, as well as to restore overall balance in life.

green chalcedony ringAfter unveiling the uses of the green chalcedony gemstone, follow our MCL Design blog’s next feature, to discover the energy contained within the eye-catching labradorite stone.