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Making Your Jewelry Work for Your Life

The Comforting Stone with Reassuring Energy

A classic timeless beauty, the pearl is understated elegance personified. There is, however, more to the pearl than meets the naked eye…

pearlBeyond its simple aesthetic appeal, the pearl is hailed as the stone of sincerity. This gemstone embodies a sense of purity, honesty and loyalty. The pearl reassuringly attracts the positive qualities of innocence and integrity to your life.

The profound beauty of the pearl belies its symbolism of wisdom, earned via experience. The pearl is thought to help you truly learn lessons through life, to make you stronger and wiser. Through the stone’s energy, you may avoid repeating the same mistakes or swerve from taking detrimental wrong turns.raw pearl

The pearl is said to draw wealth and good luck in your direction, so it is up to you to seize opportunities. With the influence and wisdom to make smart decisions, wear the pearl to benefit from any favorable situations, as they arise.

pearl drop earringsPart of the appeal of the pearl is that it is seen as a protective stone, believed to provide comfort and security, in all facets of life. With this, you may feel the ability to go about your day untroubled by trivia.

Amidst the general chaos of everyday life, balance your aura with the calming effects of the pearl. By grounding and centering you, the pearl is said to help you maintain your cool, even in hectic environs. This way, you will keep your distance from cynicism and refrain from the burden of a heavy heart.pearl ring

Alleviate your mind from the worry of impending decisions, wearing the pearl as your safety net and guide. The pearl’s energy should steer you towards clearly differentiating right from wrong, even when an issue is clouded.

Feeling the comfort and positivity of the pearl, nurture self-love within you. Loving yourself first allows you to express love for others more earnestly. The reassurance and protection of the pearl is, furthermore, believed to aid in finding a kind and gentle partner. For the love-weary, wearing the pearl in your MCL Design jewelry will help your innate charms to emerge, and allow you the ability to empathize more readily and genuinely.

pearl necklaceIn business, the pearl is supportive of holding onto what is important to you, and seeing your endeavors through to their conclusion. It may also send out just the energy you need to attract the right support from others.

Even through its time-honored wisdom, the pearl can also help you to maintain a youthful outlook and enthusiasm, linked to the stones sense of purity and innocence. pearl braceletOverall, your mind will tend towards calmer thought, while your inner beauty is believed to radiate outwards more noticeably, through the power of the pearl.

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