Choose MCL Design to customize bespoke jewelry to express your individuality, to perfectly fit your size, or to idyllically suit that special occasion. MCL Design has created custom one-off pieces and entire customised collections. From wedding days to extravagant evenings, showpieces to signature everyday wear, entrust MCL Design with providing unique, handcrafted designs tailored to your specific desires.

MCL Design custom orders include the creation of original jewelry designs and collections for women, men and unisex, the adaptation of existing collection items, and ordering items no longer available in stock, or in non-standard sizes. For all custom orders, please initially contact MCL Design via IG, FB or email:



To initiate the original custom design process, you will be asked to make a $400 non-refundable design deposit, which will be deducted from the cost of the final piece, for which the balance must be paid before production commences. From the date of your final confirmation of the agreed upon design, please calculate on average 6-8 weeks for production. Times may vary, depending on the design, quantity of parts, and external factors, such as public holidays or current world events.

Kindly note that MCL Design does not accept returns or exchanges for original custom jewelry designs, and any deviation(s) requested from the confirmed design, during the production process, may be subject to additional costs, which shall be paid for before continuation of production.


Should you wish to resize an available stock item or an item you have previously purchased, where possible we will try to accommodate your request. Please advise us of your precise measurements, in order to ensure that you receive the perfect fit. We recommend double-checking the measurements before you send them to us, in case your size has changed. MCL Design is not to be held responsible for incorrect measurements provided to us.

If the item is already in your possession, you will be responsible for all shipping and any taxes incurred, in sending the item to our workshop in Thailand and for its return, along with the cost for the customization. If the item in question has yet to be purchased, then once payment is made, your piece will be customised, as per your request.

For all other customization requests of currently available stock items, please send us your details and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

From the date of your payment for the customization of an existing jewelry item, please calculate additional weeks for delivery, subject to the customization requested. A delivery estimate may be given, but do note that this may be subject to change. Kindly be aware that MCL Design does not accept returns or exchanges for customized items, and further changes required may incur additional costs.


Should you see one of our designs and would love to personalise it, with different gemstones, colored enamels, or other precious metals and materials, please contact us for a consultation. Once all of the details are confirmed and your payment is made, please allow on average 4-6 weeks for production only, subject to extension, dependent on public holidays and external factors. Kindly note that MCL Design does not accept returns or exchanges for any custom jewelry orders.


Should you wish to purchase any items, featured in a current or previous collection, which is no longer available online or not available in your size, then this is also considered a custom order. From the date of your confirmed purchase, please calculate on average 4-6 weeks for production, subject to delays caused by public holidays and/or other external factors. Kindly note that MCL Design does not accept returns or exchanges for such orders.


For all other Conditions of Sale, applicable for the purchase of MCL Design items, please visit SUPPORT