Matthew Campbell Laurenza

The Founder, CEO & Principal Designer of MCL Design by Matthew Campbell Laurenza has a body of work, spanning over 20 years, encompassing sculpture, painting, objets d’art and fine jewelry. Matthew Campbell Laurenza is skilled in both design and production, using a variety of materials and media. A Fine Arts graduate from Bellarmine University, a master goldsmith, a bench jeweler and a prolific sculptor, he has worked extensively in ceramics, stone, bronze and wood. His pieces are held in private collections of the rich and famous, and have been displayed in exhibitions worldwide, from Asia, Russia and the Middle East, to Europe and the US. 

As a US-born, global citizen, Matthew currently lives between Thailand and the United States. He brings an interfusion of Thai and western cultures that converse through his works. The fluidity to Matthew’s designs maps his journeys across the planet, expressing his profound interest in history, architecture, travel and culture, as a virtual library of his cumulative experience. Meticulous craftsmanship is one of the hallmarks of Matthew’s works, blended with precious and semi-precious stones, resulting in enviable and opulent articulations. 

A true artist to the core, Matthew Campbell Laurenza has seen soaring success producing fine jewelry, precious sculpture and bespoke home objects, all including precious and semi-precious stones, sold and exhibited internationally, including through high-end luxury retailers, such as Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Harrods, Liberty of London, Lane Crawford, On Pedder, Galleries Lafayette and Saks Fifth Avenue. Matthew’s work has adorned the likes of Rihanna, Katie Perry, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, Queen Rania of Jordan, Prince Albert of Monaco, Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, Meryl Streep and Iris Arpel, to name but a few.


When working on pieces for the M.C.L brand, Matthew is constantly innovating and evolving his personal design style. With his passion for creating distinct pieces, Matthew Campbell Laurenza strives to make an impact with his accessories. From opulent jewels to statement luxury handbags, or one-of-a-kind décor and lifestyle pieces, his mission is to make daily accessorizing with MCL Design pieces a powerful part of one’s personal style.

"I envision the MCL woman to be fashion forward, independent and poised. She has an eclectic wardrobe, wears her clothes with a distinct individuality, and has the confidence to experiment and accessorize with flair."

Matthew gathers his creative inspiration from many different eras. Ranging from classic Chinese antiquities to elaborate Renaissance motifs, and eclectic Art Deco style to grand Gothic sculptures, Matthew’s fascination with the arts infuses his creativity. He uses these strong influences and blends them with modern and quirky nuances to develop opulent MCL designs.

Taking an exuberant and artful approach to design, Matthew creates styles with an elegant and sophisticated spirit, which is exclusive to the MCL by Matthew Campbell Laurenza brand.