The Preciousness of Pearls

/ Post by Matthew Campbell Laurenza

Simultaneously a timeless classic and a popular pick, pearls have never lost their luster, in the eyes of the jewelry-wearing world.

Each one a unique, natural creation, pearls need no cutting or polishing to obtain their fascination. Born of a living, breathing organism, the pearl stands alone among ‘gemstones’ with this incredible trait.


The pearl, like each individual human being, is perfection, just the way it is! In contrast, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies et al, are all extracted from the earth, and necessitate polishing, cutting and assistance, to obtain their form and thus obvious eye-appeal.


Pearls have been treasured throughout the ages, across the globe, even, as far back as archaeology has shown, adorning the lives of ancient civlizations, from China, to India, Egypt and Greece, up to 4000 years ago.

The world of fashion and jewelry has had a long, continuous love affair with the pearl, and for good reason: their beauty never seems to fade, and pearls never truly ever go out of style.

The symbolism of the pearl is universally positive, portraying innocence, wisdom, class and grace, as well as being believed to offer protection, calm the spirit, bring wealth and attract good luck. What’s not to love?!


MCL Design, since inception, has always presented pearls in exquisite bracelets, rings, pins, earrings and necklaces, using a variety of natural pearls, in many shapes, colors and sizes, just as they are. And right now, pearls are hotter than ever, in demand!

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