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Making Your Jewelry Work for Your Life

The Uplifting Stone with Enriching Energy

Don’t let life get you down, or problems get the better of you! Try wearing MCL Design fine jewelry, set with citrine stones, and feel the difference its energy can make…

citrineCitrine dazzles the eye with its sunny disposition and bright tone, but beneath the sparkle, this stone is also bursting with energy. Signifying abundance and facilitating the amplification of positivity, citrine is believed to hold the power to enrich your life and generate happiness.

By drawing out and dissipating negative energy or thoughts, and allowing space for positive sentiments, the citrine gemstone can open up clearer thought paths. In this way, citrine acts as a protective stone, and can greatly help with stress release.raw citrine

Benefiting from a clearer mind, citrine can help in making important decisions, both in life and in business. Citrine is noted to increase willpower and self-esteem. Wear citrine to empower your decision-making capacity, as it filters out self-doubt and helplessness, to head towards rewarding solutions.

citrine braceletYour options are wide open with citrine. This gemstone is lauded as the ultimate stone for imagining possibilities, manifesting ideas and sustaining personal will. Creativity is awakened, with citrine, to attract wealth and prosperity, so push your wild ideas forward!

As such an energizing stone, citrine is believed to enhance physical and mental stamina. Get that lift you need, as citrine is said to activate nerve impulses, which will strengthen intellectual faculties, sharpen concentration and boost memory.citrine earrings

By influencing and balancing the central chakras, citrine is thought not only to promote health for the entire digestive and immune systems, but also enable freedom of energy flow to the crown chakra. This should help you to feel your place in the world more clearly.

Citrine is worn for its uplifting effect on self-confidence, which can also lead to surprises in love and romance. Citrine can help you to bridge divides usually caused by shyness and awkwardness among potential mates, to permit a relationship to blossom.

citrine necklaceThe yellow radiance of citrine is believed by healers to provide spiritual protection and strength, to those particularly susceptible to outside influence or negative energy in others. Try wearing this gem to help smooth over family dramas and mitigate problems with others. Citrine is thought to shield the wearer against jealousy or ill-will, which can be triggers for such issues.

Generally, citrine can promote good interpersonal relationships. Even in business, allow yourself to open up new horizons and develop good working relationships, with the energy of this stone.citrine ring

Allow citrine’s uplifting effects to energize your life, by adding it to your accessories and trusting in its possibilities!

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