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Making Your Jewelry Work for Your Life

The Dreamer’s Stone with Positive Energy

If you’re a little stuck in a rut, but have ideas beyond your current situation, moldavite may be just the gemstone to throw a little helpful positivity your way.

moldaviteMoldavite is believed to harness potent positive energy, which can work to improve your flow of good luck. If you are feeling like you are getting nowhere with your current situation, then wear the gemstone moldavite, in your accessories.

While wearing moldavite, envision your dreams and goals, and this powerful stone can help you to move forward and actualize your desires. Said to originate from meteorites, which once fell to earth from the stars, moldavite was originally discovered in the former Czechoslovakia region. Ideal for dreamers, it symbolizes light and hope for positive change in your life.raw moldavite

Surmounting problems and overcoming troubled times is always an uphill battle, but moldavite can assist with this. This gemstone promotes optimism and positive thought, to gain perspective and think differently, creating an environment where dreams can thrive.

As a popular healing stone, moldavite is used to inject power into your life-force. In addition to general good fortune, moldavite can contribute to good luck in health matters, to stimulate wellness and wellbeing. In matters of love and relationships, its luck extends here too. Moldavite may help to draw your soulmate or an ideal partner to you. In work-related issues, moldavite’s positive energy can help its wearer to find new avenues to explore, expand possibilities and allow new abilities to blossom.

moldavite cuffFurthermore, Moldavite is said to exhilarate the heart chakra, stirring deep into the inner-self and inspiring union of heart and mind. Healers believe moldavite awakens the potential to share empathy and compassion. To this aim, be sure to wear your moldavite pendant or earrings when meditating.

Since the power of this gem is considered to be so strong, it is believed to act upon all of the chakras, bringing alignment and positive chain reactions. This can allow moldavite to have a rejuvenating effect on the wearer, due to its high vibrational frequency. The impact of this is a release of blockages throughout the body, and a liberating effect on the mind.moldavite earringsmoldavite necklace

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