Yellow Sapphire

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Making Your Jewelry Work for Your Life

The Good Fortune Stone with Optimistic Energy

Sapphires are always a good addition to your jewelry collection, but the yellow sapphire can add more than just sparkle to your life...

yellow sapphireFeeling like lady luck has abandoned you, then perhaps the yellow sapphire may help improve your predicament. The yellow sapphire gemstone can act as a magnet for positivity and good luck, by combatting the knock-on negative effects of a pessimistic outlook.

Bidding pessimism farewell, the charm and beauty of the yellow sapphire is said to draw wealth towards you, bringing prosperity and new or renewed possibilities into your home.raw yellow sapphire

In a quest to find success and good fortune, wearing the yellow sapphire can attract luck in getting new business projects off the ground, as well as in advancing your career. Yellow sapphire may, in this way, help you dress for success!

In a slump? Choose one of MCL Design’s fine jewelry pieces with yellow sapphire, as this stone can serve to bolster mental fortitude. The energy from the yellow sapphire can provide the strength to overcome difficult situations and tough times in life.

yellow sapphire ringYellow sapphire is known as a prominent stone in astrology, which is suited to all star signs. This yellow gem is believed to be influenced by the planet Jupiter, which symbolizes happiness and the power to manifest our strongest desires. In some Eastern cultures, the properties of yellow sapphire are believed to protect against evil spirits, resulting in longevity, good health and recovery from ills.

With all of these qualities for attracting luck and positivity, the power of the yellow sapphire also extends to love and relationships. Yellow sapphire is said to draw good matches, and help you find your ideal partner, by allowing you to see and appreciate you own worth. Furthermore, couples can find their way to marital bliss and good favor in bearing healthy offspring, with the good fortune afforded by the yellow sapphire.yellow sapphire necklace

Not only in marriage, but also in other connections, yellow sapphire can improve relationships. Healers believe this stone improves clarity of thought, wisdom and the ability to execute plans, as well as see things through to a positive conclusion.

yellow sapphire earringsSaid to also improve concentration, yellow sapphire can, therefore, be beneficial when worn in teaching and learning scenarios, as it stimulates the mind. Students and scholars should be inclined to wear yellow sapphire, when aiming to achieve greater academic results.yellow sapphire cuff


Trust in the yellow sapphire, brighten your day and improve your outlook! Our next MCL Design blog piece explores the advantages of wearing the alluring ruby gemstone.yellow sapphire bracelet