The Meaning of Stones

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Making Your Jewelry Work for Your Life

We often accessorize our outfits by selecting a befitting choice of jewelry. We dress ourselves up or down according to a desired look, but this should not be the sole criteria, when picking out a ring, a bangle, a necklace or a tiepin. 

Your choice of fine jewelry need not be restricted to what goes with your outfit everyday, but can also be decided by what is going on in your life. Your choice of accessory can be a significant component, in determining your energy and shaping your day. Wearing real stones, both precious and semi-precious, can help you in myriad ways, so choosing the right look is not the only thing to consider, when putting together your complete outfit.

Different stones are believed to possess different properties and energy, which can have an impact on your life. MCL Design creates jewelry with both purpose and poise. Not only beautiful to behold, stones are carefully cut and placed, within each piece of wearable art, to benefit the wearer, both aesthically and spiritually. You may like to choose pieces, with different varieties and colors of stones, according to the varying powers associated with each stone.

Try harnessing the power of stones in your jewelry choices, to best benefit your needs from day to day. You may just find you change your luck, when you wear certain stones on your statement necklace, in your collection of bracelets, on your new favorite ring or in the earrings that frame your face.

Follow the MCL Design blog series on The Meaning of Stones, and find out how you can make changes in your life, by wearing the right stone for your mood, inspiration, motivation or affirmations. If you are seeking to influence, protect, attract, repel, calm, shape and much more, your choice of stone could make or break your day!

As we help your navigate the power of stones, check back regularly for updates and discover the hidden properties of some of the most popular and distinguished precious and semi-precious stones, as well as the meaning of stones that you are drawn to.

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