Black Spinel

/ Post by M.C.L Design

Making Your Jewelry Work for Your Life

The Protective Stone with Powerful Energy 

Discover the meaning of the powerful stone black spinel, and accessorize your outfit to not only make a statement with your jewelry, but also benefit your day, your mood and your energy.

“Any color… so long as it’s black,” the wise man, Henry Ford, once said. The color black goes with everything, and the real gemstone black spinel is suited to everyone, no matter what is going on in your life. A gemstone suited to all seasons and all reasons, black spinel has a vast amount of depth.

Every stone has meaning and energy, which the wearer can draw from, and black spinel is no exception. This stunning black beauty is valued by healers, for the powerful energy it harnesses. Black spinel is said to help combat physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances.

A protective stone, black spinel is believed to repel negative energy, warding off negativity, even in times of great transition, which can leave you doubting everything.

One of the ways this can happen is that black spinel positively affects the root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. This root chakra is linked to your sense of independence, grounding, security and survival. Black spinel’s effect on this root chakra can restore confidence.

Some of the powerful, protective aspects of black spinel are associated with physical wellbeing. Wear black spinel to aid in detoxifying and healing the whole body, since this stone is used to access the deep-seated causes of such issues.

Feeling frustrated? Black spinel is also worn to act upon everyday stress levels and avert dark energy. Turn your frustration into inspiration, or switch problems into solutions, by ensuring you have black spinel in the jewelry or other accessories you choose for your outfit.

Having an off-kilter day? Put on some black spinel to help bring out new sensibilities and values. In this way, this stone can assist in advancing good relationships with others.

Not only for relations with others, but also with yourself, can you use black spinel, by wearing this gemstone to help manifest your innate skillset. Even if you have previously ignored or suppressed your capabilities, for whatever reason, black spinel can help them rise to the surface. 

Chase and attain your dreams with black spinel. This empowering stone frees up blockages and allows the impossible to become possible. You could need to overcome obstacles in your love life, for example, and black spinel can help realize the true meaning of loving relationships, via its positive power and strong energy.

Whatever life throws at you, everyone requires support at times. So, if you feel in need, and wish to regain a sense of lightness, wear black spinel to try and redirect overwhelming feelings and channel positive sentiments. The most important ingredient is to believe in the power of the stone! 

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