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Making Your Jewelry Work for Your Life

The Alluring Stone with Potent Energy

Rubies dazzle with their rich coloring and enduring allure, offering a classic elegance. Their hidden properties also run deep, and its energy can affect a multitude of areas of your life...

rubyKnown as the queen of stones and a stone of kings, the ruby has been revered as a talisman, throughout time. This regal gemstone represents prosperity, and has been held to provide protection, whilst also embodying passion.

raw rubyHighly prized across the ages, the ruby is associated with fortuity and serendipity. Wear a piece of MCL Design jewelry, adorned with one or more rubies, to help increase your luck and happenstance!

One of the ways this can happen is that the power of the ruby is said to enhance its wearer’s outlook. Healers believe that by boosting your vitality, chi flow and energy levels, the ruby can contribute to an increase in self-confidence. Feeling better about yourself can immediately improve your mindset.

ruby ringAllowing even the timid to come out of their shell, by promoting a sense of self-awareness and strong-mindedness, the wearer of the ruby gemstone can make gainful strides in business.

The ruby is believed to invigorate the blood and stimulate the heart, which can help manifest love and stir passion. This can give relationships the push they need to attain the next level, both through renewed energy and as a form of aphrodisiac.

ruby braceletShould you be encumbered by exhaustion or feelings of lethargy, the ruby will aid in boosting vibrancy, enthusiasm and motivation. This can guide you towards a sense of happiness, recovery and revitalization, throughout the whole body.

To balance the wearer from overstimulation, the potent ruby is thought to also have calming properties on the mind. This gemstone can still thoughts, drive away bad dreams and help to resolve disputes amicably, to create a path to inner peace.

ruby necklaceWith a still mind, the ruby can promote courage, especially in overcoming adversity and controversy. This red talisman can act as a shield, inducing feelings of strength, safety and comfort. With this, developing a loving relationship with oneself also becomes easier. Allow yourself to be nurtured with the empowering, emotional healing properties of the ruby gemstone. It will realign negative perceptions of the self, into more positive and productive thoughts.

ruby earringsKnown amongst healers for its detoxifying properties, not only clearing clutter from the mind, the ruby is reported to cleanse the body, blood and lymphatic system, to ward off infections and sickness.

Believe in the power of the ruby and wear this enduring gem, set in your MCL Design jewelry of choice! Our next MCL Design blog piece explores the energy and benefits of the blue topaz gemstone – stay tuned!